What We Offer

Private Yoga

Pam’s birthday gift, 2015. Artist, Lynne Margeaux.

Private yoga sessions are great for beginners as well as advanced students. We begin with a wellness assessment to create a protocol specifically geared to individual needs. Person-centered therapeutic sessions are beneficial for people with varied health issues or for those who want to take their yoga practice to the next level. We also work with veterans who may have PTSD, TBI, MST or other challenges through a partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Community Provider and Vendor. Please CONTACT US directly for more information.

Sleep Wellness Coaching

This wide-ranging program helps you become your best self through radical change and evolution. We’re thrilled to offer THREE PACKAGES specifically designed for your self-discovery and self-care needs.

Corporate Mindfulness

As an organization, you want an employee who is creative, focused, productive, happy and a team player. It’s well documented that prolonged work stresses the mind and strains the body, leading to overwhelm, tension and lack of sleep. These issues can impact your employees’ ability to perform at their peak. That’s why Yoga2Sleep offers these programs: an 8-Week Sleep Challenge, Lunch and Learn Lectures, Why Am I So Tired? Stress Reduction Series, Online Sleep Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions, and Cultivating Mindful Competence for Sustained Leadership – all to help employees create wellness and perform better.

Group Yoga

Yoga2Sleep group yoga is great for retreats and parties and is perfect for groups of 10 or more. We are willing to travel anywhere! The benefits we offer: 1) each participant will receive a personalized yoga package which will enable them to practice yoga at home when they return from the retreat;  and 2) themed yoga to blend in perfectly with your retreat (e.g., business, mindful leadership, veterans).

Conservancy for Cultural Competency

The Conservancy for Cultural Competency is a collaborative, innovative initiative that bridges yoga and mindfulness tools with functional trauma training and cultural education to restore resiliency and culturally competent communication in a safe and comprehensive environment. Our vision is to expand scope of practice and increase capacity for inclusivity, understanding and healing in communities experiencing cultural, domestic, environmental and social traumas.

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