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What We Offer

Yoga Therapy Programs

Pam’s birthday gift, 2015. Artist, Lynne Margeaux.

Need one-on-one attention? Our Person-Centered Yoga Therapy helps you embrace an integrated and embodied experience. Each session benefits people dealing with chronic fatigue, or with varied health challenges like stress-induced insomnia, anxiety or depression.  Appointments can be in person or online. Please contact us directly for more information.

Prefer an engaging group setting? Yoga2Sleep Rx is a six-week online group yoga therapy program that provides tips and tools to help you release stress, tension and overwhelm to get better quality sleep. The next group begins on Monday, February 11th, 2019, so register soon.

Coaching for Empowered Well-Being

This wide-ranging program helps you become your best self through radical change and evolution. We’re thrilled to offer four packages specifically designed for your self-discovery and self-care needs.

Corporate Mindfulness and Holistic Wellness

As an organization, you want an employee who is creative, focused, productive, happy and a team player. It’s well documented that prolonged work stresses the mind and strains the body, leading to overwhelm, tension and lack of sleep. That’s why Yoga2Sleep offers these programs: Lunch and Learn Lectures, Stress Reduction Workshops, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Sessions, and Cultivating Mindful Competence for Sustained Leadership – all to help employees create wellness and perform better.

Why Am I So Tired?

In this avant-garde sleep workshop, you will learn about the root causes of sleep deprivation, the effects of insomnia, how diet, yoga and meditation can help, and how lifestyle affects all of this. Why Am I So Tired is offered in a 2-hour online format and a 1.5 to 2 hour in person format. Be sure to sign up for our March 13, 2019 online workshop.


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