What We Offer


Person-Centered Yoga Therapy and Somatics

Individualized yoga therapy is a great idea if you are suffering from: chronic pain; insomnia; neurological issues; mental health concerns; and supports various health issues such as cancer, MS, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Yoga2Sleep has partnered with Indulgence Health to provide in-person yoga therapy services on Thursdays – schedule HERE. If you would rather do online sessions, schedule a session HERE.

Navigating Grief: A Healing Circle for an Unsettling World

These past few years have been challenging for many of us. It has been in my heart lately to create a community of support. Navigating Grief: A Healing Circle for an Unsettling World, will be every 4th Tuesday of each month from 6 pm ET to 8 pm ET online. If interested, send us a message at yoga2sleep@gmail.com – the link will be forwarded a few days before the healing circle.

Yoga Therapy for Rest and Sleep: A Series

Our stress levels are higher than ever, and the quality of our sleep is at stake.  These 90-minute group sessions will include intake/assessment, breathwork, meditation, journaling, reflection and contemplation, and asana. We will explore evidence-based yoga tools to combat sleep deprivation and fatigue, as well as regulate the nervous system and activate the vagus nerve.  Online/Virtual Series – COMING SOON.

Yoga Therapy for Black Veterans and Their Caregivers

Black veterans make up 12 percent of the total US veteran population. To combat sleep deprivation and curate empowered well-being among them, military service members and their families, this 4-week yoga therapy series provides an innovative way to address PTSD, TBI, trauma, and racism in an evidenced-based, client-centered 90-minute group format. The yoga therapy group will be online. Interested? Email us at yoga2sleep@gmail.com.


Diving Deep: Yoga Practices to Explore the Mystery of Sleep – A YogaU Online Course

Next to food, sleep is one of the most important features that sustain our health and well-being. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of natural healing, there are three pillars of life: Proper diet, proper sleep, and balanced use of energy. Yet, of the three, sleep can be the most elusive. In this 3-part online course, yoga therapist and author Pam Eggleston, founder of Yoga2Sleep shares her own journey into resolving years of insomnia and PTSD using simple yoga tools to heal and settle a hyperactive nervous system. Register HERE.


This wide-ranging program helps you become your best self through radical change and evolution. Through our Coaching for Empowered Well-Being program, we’re thrilled to offer two packages specifically designed for your self-discovery and self-care needs.


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