Get Unstuck with Self Care


We all get stuck: in decisions, when making choices, in relationships, in resentment. We can become comfortable in our chaos. We stay stuck in plans that are no longer working for us. Things feel permanent and hopeless. But guess what? They aren’t.

We are superb at getting unstuck, at adapting and shifting and changing our attitudes. Sometimes we just need the tools to make the shift, to create the movement towards fluidity.

What can you do?

  • Practice self care. Shift your awareness to you. To make sure you don’t go crazy and to get unstuck, be in alignment with your authenticity, and stop doing things that go against it.
  • Get some good, deep sleep. In practicing self care, learn how to start preparing for bed earlier by taking a warm bath or using calming essential oils.
  • Work on the stuck challenge in your dreams. Put a dream journal next to the bed. Give yourself a few days for the dream to appear. It may be straightforward or hazy; pay attention to signs, symbols and metaphor.
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