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Workshops and Series

Yoga Therapy for Black Veterans and Their Caregivers

Black veterans make up 12 percent of the total US veteran population. To combat sleep deprivation and curate empowered well-being among them, military service members and their families, this 4-week yoga therapy series provides an innovative way to address PTSD, TBI, trauma, and racism in an evidenced-based, client-centered 90-minute format. The yoga therapy group will be online and starts in the Fall of 2022. Register HERE – SPACE IS LIMITED.

Why Am I So Tired?

In this avant-garde sleep workshop, you will learn about the root causes of sleep deprivation, the effects of insomnia, how diet, yoga, and meditation can help, and how lifestyle affects all of this. Why Am I So Tired (WAIST) is offered in an online or in-person format. Contact us here to schedule. 

Exploring Sleep Through The Yamas and Niyamas

Prolonged work and life challenges stress the mind and strain the body, leading to overwhelm, tension, and lack of sleep. It is well documented that specialized yogic practices decrease tension and increase relaxation. That’s why Yoga2Sleep offers Exploring Sleep through the Yamas and Niyamas, a series that investigates sleep through social restraints (Yamas) and self-observations (Niyamas). Contact us here  to schedule.

Yoga Journal Online Courses

Restore Your Sleep Yoga Summit

It’s probably not news to you: Lack of sleep affects everything—your energy level, mood, emotions, memory and cognition, digestion, weight, and even radiance. An adequate amount of *quality* sleep is essential for increased productivity, creativity, and restoration. Of course, in these trying times, trying to sink into that deep, healing state of sleep may be proving elusive. In this collaborative course, we share breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditative practices to help you get better rest. REGISTER HERE, with code “PAMELA40”.

Yoga for Self-Care

Burned out or fatigued? Many folks turn to acts of self-kindness, like massages or meals out. While they may feel good in the moment, you may need a radical shift to sustain joy, energy, and resilience in your life. Join Pamela with her colleague Amina Naru for a step-by-step program that helps you develop an effective system of self-care.  REGISTER HERE  and save 30% with promo code RETREAT2SPIRIT.

Retreat to Spirit: Immersive Events and Yoga Trainings

In partnership with Retreat to Spirit, Pamela will present several workshops and immersive trainings, including a 20-Hour Trauma Conscious Yoga Teacher Training at the SoundBody Studio in Wilmington DE from Friday, 9/9/22 to Sunday, 9/11/22 and Crofton Yoga from Friday 12/2/22 to Sunday, 12/4/22; and a 7-day immersion at Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica COMING SOON IN MARCH of 2023!