The Give Back Yoga Foundation – We are a 108 Studio Partner supporting clients using a unique body-mind-spirit paradigm. This conscious, cooperative partnership serves to assist military, veterans and their families as well as focus on other projects geared towards the community.

Hope for the Warriors – Yoga2Sleep contracts with the nonprofit to provide therapeutic yoga services to wounded warriors, military and veteran caregivers, and families through the Clinical Health and Wellness Family and Caregiver programs, as well as the national Caregiver Wellness Workshops and Family Wellness Retreats.

Yoga Service Council – We are an Organizational Member, “working to maximize the effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of individuals and organizations making yoga and mindfulness practices equally accessible to all.”

Washington DC VA Medical Center – Yoga2Sleep is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Community Provider and Vender, offering therapeutic yoga and wellness services to veterans within the VA system. We are currently working with the Washington VA Medical Center to facilitate these services.

White Lotus Wellness Center – The center’s unique partnership with Yoga2Sleep involves the provision of private yoga therapy sessions, fundraisers for nonprofits, wellness events and workshops, and yoga trainings focused on trauma.

Women Veterans Interactive – Yoga2Sleep oversees WVI’s Holistic Health and Wellness Initiative and teaches yoga and mindfulness to WVI members and participants.

A Gift for Yoga2Sleep – Pamela teaching Yoga in the Park, 2015. Artist, Jordan Shackelford