Meet Pamela

Better sleep for the best life.

Pamela – published author, stress management consultant, wellness resilience expert, national speaker and sleep coach – founded Yoga2Sleep due to her challenges with insomnia, secondary PTS and stress. A certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist, Pamela has practiced yoga for over 16 years and completed specialized training to include certifications in plant-based nutrition, stress management, prenatal yoga and yoga for trauma in veterans and the military to work with service members, veterans with combat trauma and PTSD, and their families.

Pamela is a board member of the Yoga Service Council, as well as a wellness coach and a HeartMath coach, focusing on mental, spiritual and emotional stress through a heart-centered approach. She is a contributing editor of Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans. Pamela is a meditation instructor: her military family-focused meditations and sleep meditations are spotlighted on the apps Insight Timer and Meditation Studio by Gaiam.  She enjoys sharing her personal experience through intuitively providing integrated, person-centered therapeutic services, collaborating with wellness centers, serving as a spokesperson for holistic well-being and partnering with socially conscious organizations. Pamela provides distinctive heart-centered wellness sessions and offers workshops specific to the sleep deprived, entrepreneurial-driven, veterans and military families, and people of color.  Pamela knows that a good night’s rest, stress reduction, self enrichment and empowerment, and overall well being are all parts that make the whole. Yoga2Sleep strives to support clients using a unique body-mind-spirit paradigm to increase emotional balance and cultivate self-care.


Pam at the Lotus Temple

Pamela at the Lotus Temple, India.

What People Are Saying About Yoga2Sleep…

“As an avid workout/weight-training enthusiast, I found the one-on-one sessions to be extremely helpful. Not only did they help with recovery but they helped with lengthening muscle groups for future workouts. Pam’s expertise is key, as she is able to individualize sessions to maximize results based on where I am in my flexibility and endurance. In addition to her warm smile and professionalism, I enjoyed her knowledge base of the culture of yoga. If you’re a beginner or have been doing yoga for years, Yoga2Sleep is a must!”   ~ Jay C. Houston, Ph.D., yoga client

“Yoga2Sleep has revolutionized my mindset of traditional yoga. I am a disabled veteran and I struggle with insomnia, depression, balance and anxiety. My pain does not have power over me. With meditation I have learned to deal with things more mindfully without reacting with anger. It has improved my relationship with my daughter. It has helped me practice patience. I have found personal growth through yoga.”  ~ Mojisola Adedayo Edu, yoga therapy client

“I enjoy the different stretches and how Pam illustrates the connections with my baby through words; she adapts the sessions to my personal needs. What I like MOST about these private sessions is how relaxed I feel afterwards, and for the next few days! Pam also has an incredibly soothing and relaxing tone. I feel less anxious, I feel taller, like there is more room for my baby, and I am calmer when dealing with stressful situations. Pam is the total package!”              ~ Jennifer Sims, prenatal yoga client

“Pamela has a keen, intuitive sense accompanied by a thoughtful teaching style that really assists students in progressing in their practice. This progression has translated into many other benefits for me as well including fuller, calmer breathing; greater flexibility; and an improvement in overall body strength. Lastly, as a military spouse and veteran, I am ever so grateful for the special training and care Pam provides for my fellow military family. Thank you, Pam for all you do for us women, our military, and our veterans!”       ~ Lorinda Fontaine Farris, yoga student

“I remember our first chakra class together. Pam was able to pinpoint blockage in my solar plexus chakra and told me that this is common amongst women. And again, at the chakra workshop that she held. It’s really amazing how it was both an energy and a physical health blockage. I feel much better now! I thank Pam so much for keeping me mindful of my body. It was really a wakeup call for me and I am glad that I got the tumor out before it got any bigger!” ~ Moana, mindfulness client

“It was electrifying and scary when I realized that the nerve in my leg was alive: such a feeling – like ‘oh my God, what’s going on?’ because I didn’t expect to feel what I felt. But it was a good feeling and it made me want to cry.”  ~ Geraldine Lamb, yoga therapy client

  • Certified and Yoga Alliance Registered (E-RYT 500) Instructor
  • Sleep Wellness Coach
  • Certified HeartMath Coach
  • Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Certification in Mindful Yoga Therapy